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Crazy-Sexy Merchandise


Just type in the title of one of these books into's search bar. Go to the price which is listed below after each description. You will find the book being sold under the seller StudentSoldBooks. Thanks for contributing to the Alyssa Will Go To China Fund.

Hola. Donde esta el bano? That may be all you need to know before going to Mexico, because the views don't need words to explain them. This guide is your tour guide through Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, Cancun (heyyyy,  all you spring breakers) and so many more. It gives you routes for driving, walking or pogo-sticking. Whatever floats your boat. Plus it sends me to China. $14.99

Eat. Pray. Love. In need of self-expression, ditching the everyday race, or just want to escape into a book full of adventure? Here's the book for you. Experience Bali, India, and Italy without leaving your house. Plus it helps me get to China. $13.99 

Advertisements. Products. History. It's all here. Learn about China while I do through its cultural aspects. All pictures: no words. Just like in kindergarten. Plus it gets me to China. $12.99

Since I will be using this guide to go to San Diego for spring break, I figure it might be useful for others vacationing in Cali as well. Cruise the State Route 1 coastal highway, watch the bros pass by or admire the Redwoods. This guide is more than enough information. Right on, dude. $10.49

Too poor to travel? Would you like to work AND play at the same time? Short Term Job Adventures gives you summer, winter or anytime of the year opportunities to work and live in amazing places. Get paid to travel. Help me get to China. WIN, WIN. SOLD

Clothing - Tee Shirts 

Yes, You too can have the little man that appears on your bathroom door daily on your shirt, BUT with a suitcase. Ooh. Aah. 


This shirt is only available until May 15, 2011. Supplies Limited.

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