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Thursday, April 26, 2012

I know travel, they know drama.

Although there is no lack of chocolate flowing in Belgium, apparently Belgians do not have enough drama in their lives; or so TNT thinks so. My only question: why doesn't anyone duck when there are shots being fired? If that is commonplace, I won't be going to Belgium any time soon.


Travel On, 


Thursday, April 19, 2012

International Treasure.

Sometimes the adventure in my day includes watching Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta version (those gals can get kind of crazy, just saying). Sometimes I think I am a rebel because I didn't do a homework assignment for class when it wasn't because of my circumstances, but because I was just a bum (I prefer to call it Senioritis, I have a doctor's note). Crazy stuff, I know. But recently, I have defined adventure as something else entirely, thanks to the amazingness provided by National Geographic.

Want to pet a polar bear? How about riding a camel through the pyramids? Have the need to Kayak through Croatia? (Well, you may not be able to pet a polar bear....because they are about 8 feet tall and are a little hungry being that the Earth is warming and food is disappearing and all...So, I wouldn't take your chances no matter how fluffy the bear looks). National Geographic is now providing these experiences, minus the bear part.

You may know them as a worldwide publication, but many do not know that they are now becoming a bit of a travel agency.

Were you the kid who jumped out of the tree even though it was 20 feet tall? Did you jump on the bed even though you knew the monkey fell off and bumped his head? Then NatGeo Adventures are your thing. You climb mountains, hike through the desert, and learn how to camp on the side of a mountain.

Interested in this type of trip? Visit:

Now if you aren't exactly Peter Lik, who photographs on top of peaks, or you aren't the host of Man vs. Wild, or if you get winded going up your stairs at home (such as myself), then perhaps a National Geographic expedition may be the excursion for you. You can enjoy the pleasures of travel but you don't have to be able to climb Everest. Interested in this type of travel?


Here is a video to further explain what National Geographic Expeditions offer:

Serious about this type of travel? Follow these websites and order a catalog that includes prices, locations and the process on how to travel with NatGeo.

As for me, I am going to start saving, so I can go pet those polar bears.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cardboard Dreams.

Mark Zuckerberg, watch your back. There is a 9 year old who may have more innovation than you. Of course, because he is 9 we don't know yet, but based on this video he shows some promise. (Making me question if I am really that smart, even with a college degree). When I was a kid I designed my own wrapping paper and sold it to my family, but this kid totally outshines my entrepreneurial skills. Watch as he shows the world what true spirit is about and note the nice young fellow who decided to help a little boy with his dream, without receiving anything in return.

Why talk about him on a travel blog? Besides the fact that LA is featured in the video, there is also a little site that helped make him famous, which I find interesting. (also found on Facebook). From featurettes of the Police museum to the best underground pub, this site provides an experience that allows you to enjoy the little things and invites you to stop and smell the Rose Bowls. In a place where the jungle is concrete, its nice to see a site that celebrates the little things, and in this case: little people. So cheers to HiddenLA, little Caine himself and entrepreneurship. Here, here!

To visit Caine's Arcade see his website at:

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Trace of Sun

Sometimes we need a reminder of the things that happened awhile ago. Sometimes we also need a reminder of how good we have it. See how Sara Bareilles and her crew are helping Japan heal.

Visit to see what you can do to help make Japan a home again.

Travel On,


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day Trip of the Month: San Xavier Mission

According to Arizona State students, living in Tucson means I live in Mexico. Apparently, geography is a course they should be teaching at ASU, because I in fact live in Tucson, thank you very much.

Regardless of what side of the Arizona school battle you fall on,  there are some pretty beautiful places in Tucson, San Xavier Mission being one of them. Founded in 1692 by Eusebio Francisco Kino, the mission still holds ceremonies for devoted Catholics and provides a beautiful building with the backdrop of the Arizona desert for tourists to enjoy daily.

Haven't been? Visit: for more information or transport yourself through these photos and enjoy the Southwestern beauty that is the San Xavier Mission.

Travel On, 

Friday, March 16, 2012

Red Rock Sunsets: 3 days, 3 Locations, 300 dollars.

If you like to hike, bike, climb, swim, or even slightly bending over to touch your toes, Sedona is the place you need to be. The New York of nature, you will find towering red rock formations, balanced rock statues (like those below found in Buddah's Beach at the Red Rock state park), and a hippy rocking some moccasins (not the slipper kind, the REAL moccasins, my friend). Here are a few of the things we did on our get-away weekend that cost a little more than $300. Read, enjoy and share. 

1. Red Rock State Park - Enjoy the only water that may naturally flow in Arizona, that you can actually see through. (All others, beware.) 

2. Cathedral Rock - Towering over Red Rock State Park, is Cathedral Rock, a sight worthy of awe. Look down and admire the beauty of the red sunset.  

 2. Holy Cross Chapel - Built in the 1950's within the rocks themselves, feeling spiritual is easy when you climb atop that hill. Ahhhhhhhh, serenity.

Travel On, Alyssa 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Headed to Sedona, Sedona.

Well we hit the road today for Sedona. After 6 papers, 5 exams, and weeks of burger wrapping,  I am ready for some Spring Break. Putting on my playlist (which you can jam to as well, just scroll down) and tuning out the world. Hello, to clear skies, red rocks, and massage therapy. Check back for an update later this week. 

Travel On,