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Travel Photos

 Akko, Israel 2005

 Well hello O. Now how about sending me to China eh? (NYC Madame Tussaud's 2007)

Bath, England. Built by the Romans, Admired by Me. (Summer 2004)

Don't mind the defect on my face, I don't have a skin disease...he however... 
(Blue Man Group NYC 2007)
 London, England (Summer 2004)

 Ah, welcome to America. Louisville Kentucky 2010.

                    I wonder what is coming next. More toilets? Yes please! England Summer 2004.

 Tel Aviv, Israel 2005.
Wading in the waters of the Mediterranean. Israel 2005.

Louisville, Kentucky. 2009 


La Jolla Shores 2010. 

Balboa Park 2011. 

Fort Worth, Texas 2011.