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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bevvies, Bucket of Snots, and Buzzies. That's right boyo.

 Kilarney, Ireland

As I was sitting here enjoying heaven wrapped in a flour tortilla, also known as a Chipotle burrito, I happened upon some of my pictures from Ireland (2004). It made me realize how depressing the desert is and how beautiful the greenness of the potato land really was: the grass really is greener on the other side.

Kilarney, Ireland
 I remember a time in a pub where there was an Irishmen's fight, with Guinness and a fist ready simultaneously, and I couldn't quite make out what they were saying. So, I am going to imagine that they screamed these non-sense Irish slang words to each other.

 They had had a few Bevvies: Beverages and they were Circling over Shannon: drunk. Both were Bucket of Snots: an ugly person (Hey, they were. Honesty is the best policy) And once the short one realized he had no chance he started Brickin' It: nervous to the point of soiling oneself. I do remember the bartender saying, "Dry Your Arse!": Clean up and shut up and the Chucker-Out: Bouncer/Doorman ended it all.

                                Kissing The Blarney Stone: I got the gift of gab: obviously.

Now some of this might have seemed more exciting to me then, and I possibly made some of it up too, but those words are ridiculously hilarious. You know it.  (For more of them visit:

In celebration of the upcoming St. Patty's Day we here at On The Road A-Gallion (and by we I mean just me and my computer) have created a t-shirt to save you from pinching, from slightly intoxicated people from trying to read your funny shirt with words on it, and keep you looking classy.

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Until next time Buzzies: Travelers.

Stay Tuned,

Alyssa Gallion

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