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Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Hole Shebang. Donut Destinations.

The Maple Bacon Sundae. The McGriddle. Chocolate covered bacon. Yes, this is America and we have found ways to sandwich fat filled food in between other fat filled food. Ah, freedom.

That is why we have also created a day solely devoted to DONUTS. Yesterday, June 3 was the official Donut day for the United States, so in celebration, if you should choose to go on a delightful donut road trip, here are a few places where you can find the best donuts in the country. Also featured is Abulafia, an amazing bakery in Israel I visited, where carb-comas, buyers remorse, and pure sugar highs (followed by other poor food decisions) truly exist. So enjoy, dream and drool. 

Donut Destinations

1. Jaffa, Israel- Abulafia 


2. Randy's Donuts - Los Angeles
A little hard to miss I'd say. So if you don't miss the gigantic donut on top, you don't want to miss this: buttermilk and crumb raised donuts. Can you say, uh yes please?

3. Round Rock Donuts - Round Rock, Texas 

Open at 4:00 am and only charging .55 to .75 cents a piece. Plus some are as big as your head, and if you read a lot that could be huge.  The college-kid's dream. 
4. Dat Donuts- Chicago 

Who needs proper grammar when you can have delicious home made donut here? Fo-sho.

5. Doughnut Plant- New York City 

Oh so you think you are fancy, huh? Well this guy sure thinks his donuts are. Gourmet flavors like: Organic orange, Pistachio, Valrhona chocolate, and Vanilla Bean. Fabulous!

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