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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cardboard Dreams.

Mark Zuckerberg, watch your back. There is a 9 year old who may have more innovation than you. Of course, because he is 9 we don't know yet, but based on this video he shows some promise. (Making me question if I am really that smart, even with a college degree). When I was a kid I designed my own wrapping paper and sold it to my family, but this kid totally outshines my entrepreneurial skills. Watch as he shows the world what true spirit is about and note the nice young fellow who decided to help a little boy with his dream, without receiving anything in return.

Why talk about him on a travel blog? Besides the fact that LA is featured in the video, there is also a little site that helped make him famous, which I find interesting. (also found on Facebook). From featurettes of the Police museum to the best underground pub, this site provides an experience that allows you to enjoy the little things and invites you to stop and smell the Rose Bowls. In a place where the jungle is concrete, its nice to see a site that celebrates the little things, and in this case: little people. So cheers to HiddenLA, little Caine himself and entrepreneurship. Here, here!

To visit Caine's Arcade see his website at:

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