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Thursday, April 19, 2012

International Treasure.

Sometimes the adventure in my day includes watching Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta version (those gals can get kind of crazy, just saying). Sometimes I think I am a rebel because I didn't do a homework assignment for class when it wasn't because of my circumstances, but because I was just a bum (I prefer to call it Senioritis, I have a doctor's note). Crazy stuff, I know. But recently, I have defined adventure as something else entirely, thanks to the amazingness provided by National Geographic.

Want to pet a polar bear? How about riding a camel through the pyramids? Have the need to Kayak through Croatia? (Well, you may not be able to pet a polar bear....because they are about 8 feet tall and are a little hungry being that the Earth is warming and food is disappearing and all...So, I wouldn't take your chances no matter how fluffy the bear looks). National Geographic is now providing these experiences, minus the bear part.

You may know them as a worldwide publication, but many do not know that they are now becoming a bit of a travel agency.

Were you the kid who jumped out of the tree even though it was 20 feet tall? Did you jump on the bed even though you knew the monkey fell off and bumped his head? Then NatGeo Adventures are your thing. You climb mountains, hike through the desert, and learn how to camp on the side of a mountain.

Interested in this type of trip? Visit:

Now if you aren't exactly Peter Lik, who photographs on top of peaks, or you aren't the host of Man vs. Wild, or if you get winded going up your stairs at home (such as myself), then perhaps a National Geographic expedition may be the excursion for you. You can enjoy the pleasures of travel but you don't have to be able to climb Everest. Interested in this type of travel?


Here is a video to further explain what National Geographic Expeditions offer:

Serious about this type of travel? Follow these websites and order a catalog that includes prices, locations and the process on how to travel with NatGeo.

As for me, I am going to start saving, so I can go pet those polar bears.

Travel On,


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