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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Destination: doesn't have to be the location it can be getting to the beach body you want too. Yes Please.

Lets face it: these people were hand painted by god for us. If they didn't work out they would probably still look this way, just because its not fair. 

Ladies, Matthew McConaughey is a beefcake, now if we could have him stop smelling like beef and wear some deodorant, (and possible hit the barber shop) then he'd be A-okay. It's no secret he works out on beaches, but did you know he works out on foreign beaches? Mediterranean to be specific. Book a ticket, enjoy the view.

Gentlemen, this girl has my name but our bodies aren't one in the same (although I dream). Sports illustrated can be thanked for this beautiful picture of Alyssa Miller on the beaches of Turtle Island in Fiji. 

Now that you have sufficiently oggled and drooled a bit, you may wonder how can I get that beach bod before spring break? Well, first of all stop thinking you will look like THAT in less than a month. Now that reality has set in, follow these how-tos for working out on the beach, which can also be applied while on vacation. 

1. Warm up and wear sunscreen. No one wants to date a buff lobster. 
2. Beach runs: use the sand for resistance.
3. Piggy back rides/races. Its cool until you drop your girlfriend on her face, try a backpack as practice first.
4. Crunches, push ups and yoga. They always look cooler when everyone is watching you, except in a speedo. Those are never okay. 
5. Cool off in the waves. Its advised to cool off so you don't get heat exhaustion. It's not advised to use this as a means of showering, learn from Mr. McConaughey. 

If you don't have a beach like us Arizonans, throw some sand in the backyard or hit a construction site.

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