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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Camels. Bolo Ties. Boats. Oh my!

 In spirit of going to the Phoenix Suns vs. Jazz game last night in Phoenix (with the #242 crew of In N Out Burger) I've decided to share some interesting and slightly strange (well what isn't strange here) things about Arizona.

1. Arizona has the highest amount of registered boats. Lowest amount of water. Hm...
2. It is illegal to hunt camels in the state of Arizona. Too late, where am I going to put this thing?
3. Arizona once had a navy consisting of two boats on the Colorado River. They were used to prevent California from encroaching on Arizona territory. Yea, right. No one really wants to come here especially when they have real water.
4. In the City of Glendale it is illegal for a car to back up. Yea, well that guy just did it.
5.The Arizona trout is found only in Arizona. Well isn't that implied in the name? Just saying.
6.The bola tie is the official state neckwear. Better go get me one of those, don't want to be out of place.

Final score of the game? Phoenix 102 Jazz 98. I've decided Steve Nash is the whole team. His back must hurt carrying the whole team on his back. I've also decided he's not a midget, being 6'2, its just everyone is vertically gifted, being 7ft, when they were kids they must have eaten their Wheaties or other small children.

(Photos Courtesty of Mr. Tyler Sunderman)

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