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Thursday, March 10, 2011

25 is The Loneliest Number.

Here's the deal. As some of you have noticed....I have 25 followers. YAY! Unfortunately, I have had 25 followers for awhile now. BOO. So...Here's what we are gonna do.

Instead of making it the 50th follower who receives $25 (because I know you all are waiting to click on it to be 50) I am picking someone at random between 25-50 followers.

You have to be between those numbers to get it. So..YAY 25 followers. YAY more followers. YAY more money.

(Here's how you do it. Click follow on the right hand side of this page and log in with: GOOGLE, AIM, YAHOO  or TWITTER)  Then you are a follower. You don't receive spam mail. You don't get bombarded with me posting. It just says sponsors should give me MONEY.)

Thanks for the support! Now, lets get this girl to China!

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