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Friday, March 11, 2011


Seeing as I am going here next week I thought I'd share.

So you're poor. School and the parental units are driving you crazy. (And its a tie as to which one is more annoying)

Here's the solution: collect a few friends (or people you find on the street: whatever floats your boat) and hop in your car. Collect gas money and hit the road. Why? Because now there are 10 free things to do in San Diego! Just don't plan on getting hungry.

1. San Diego Beaches. Over 33 beaches to visit!

2. La Jolla Cove. Watch the wildlife play (sealions and harbor seals) with a sunset as a backdrop

3. Seaport Village. Window shop and watch live performances. Then you can watch yachts go by and remember just how poor you really are.

4.Magnifico! See the sites in Little Italy (sure beats the $1500 airfare) and enjoy cuisine or just people watch. 3D Chalkart, San Diego Firehouse Museum (hopefully they have a collection of past calendars, ladies),Embarcadero where historic vessels are kept, so get your Jack Sparrow on.

5. Balboa Park. Feel free to enjoy the cool air and the park...but if you are super rich you can visit some of their attractions (which cost between $5-$8 typically, watch out moneybags) Home to several museums like: Hall of Champions, Museum of Man (You are welcome gentlemen), Automotive Museum, Railroad Museum, Natural History Museum, Air and Space Museum and the Museum of Art. There are also organ concerts every Sunday at 2pm.

6. Hotel Del Coronado. It's haunted. Oo ee oo. That should be the only reason you need to go here. However, this hotel (built in 1888) is made entirely of lumber and involved the expertise of Thomas Edison to incorporate electricity into its building.  It is beautifully constructed and has one of the longest stretches of beach: 18 miles! Get nostalgic, see history.

7.  Sunset Cliffs. Feeling romantic? Aw. Well then you should visit Sunset Cliffs located at Ocean Beach. Get in some cardio and watch the sun fall beneath the horizon. It's like you are the King of The World. Minus you being held by Leonardo. Sorry.

8. Feeling like going the distance? Then head to Oceanside Municipal Pier. Spanning 1,942 feet this is the longest wooden pier along the west coast. It is also the longest over water pier in California (I am not really sure what other kind of pier there is, but okay.) If you are feeling lazy hit up the snack bar and take the tram offered for a 25 cent ride.

9.Old Town. Guns, chaps and hats. Yee-haw! Experience the feel of the olden days in Old Town San Diego. Take a heritage tour to visit historic sites including cemeteries (creepy, ...perhaps?) or take a trolley in style. Love tequila? Well, you might not want to openly admit that. But, they have a tequila museum in Old Town. They are said to serve the most amount of tequila than anywhere else in the world.

10. For you adventurous types here is the perfect cap to any vacation. Ramona Waterfall in Cedar Falls. Its only about 4 miles hiking and is decently easy if you are not an extreme hiker. The hike is downhill. Which means when you come back it is uphill. The waterfall makes it worth it.

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